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bio shot Mark Houston was born at a very young age. (!!!!!!!)

Having spent his teenage years in Boy Scouting, Mark reached the rank of Eagle, in 1970.

He also developed a respect for pocket knives.... a tool of the Scout.

Soon after deciding to become a young man of faith, and to live the Christian life,
Mark enlisted and spent four years in the U.S. Air Force.

As a very "able" musician since boyhood, "Birdman" (his life long nickname)
enjoyed 5 decades as a professional performer, until the loss of his singing voice, in 2010.

With no other developed trade skills, the adventurous senior became a medical courier,
and mobile sharpener of yard and kitchen tools.

Mark's 7 year active membership at West Houston's Second Baptist Church makes him a trusted friend,
brother, and business man who lives by America's founding principles.

Give him a call or click, to sharpen your things back to BETTER than new!